Getting Started

Preparing your Home for the Appraisal

– Make sure all the maintenance and repairs are finished.

– Put away any clutter.

– Clean up the backyard.

– Prepare any and all records that you can show the appraiser regarding your home improvement projects.

– Thoroughly clean the home, the cleaner it looks the better the estimate!

– Do make sure the appraiser has access to all interior and exterior areas.

What our Professional Appraisers will look for

– The condition of your home. Our professional appraiser will identify any improvements or updates needed.

– Size of your home. Square footage is important, but it’s also worth noting that the total area of a finished home is just as if not more important.

– Location matters, our local experts will examine your homes surroundings. This will either boost or hurt the value of your home.

– Major updates. Any investment you’ve put into your home, whether a new kitchen, bathroom, or basement…this will also be factored in.

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